Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I pedel

With the change of seasons

in an average suburban garage

each cubitus grimy and permeating from a mixture

of soil and water displacement to the fortieth degree

Eponychium is outlined with remains of last years rides

as each groove and seam is cleansed, memories

of endless single track and technical down hills

are unearthed and levitate the amygdala

From the stable I take my place in the saddle

of this slender and now gleaming steed

pushing off, we begin our temporary escape

across this concoction of petroleum and gravel

The sound of links and cogs connecting

with crisp air as it passes my auricles

creating a symphony composed only for myself.

The remaining cold still clinging to early spring warmth

begins to crystallize epithelial cytoplasm and

raise erector pili, these physiological responses

I ignore,

instead, I pedal.

1 comment:

Jess @ Veganomics-101 said...

beautiful poem! miss you guys! green smoothie girl is doing a free class in riverdale and sandy. here's the link to get free tickets, i think they are going fast though!